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A Sketchbook Blog 003 | Inktober!

After completing Inktober in 2017 I knew that I wanted to give it another go in 2018 and although I'm only a week in, I've noticed a difference in my approach already. In 2017 I found it much more difficult to interpret the prompts - each day I would get stuck with what to draw and which medium to use. The pieces I'm proud of were done using techniques that I was comfortable with and whenever I had tried something new it just didn't my expectations.

This year however, even though I've been trying out some different techniques, there aren't any drawings that I want to tear out of my sketchbook (yet!). This isn't to say I'm pleased with how they've all turned out so far, but I can definitely see how much my style has developed since last October; I'm finding it easier to translate a new prompt and a new medium into something I'm happy and confident with drawing.

So far my favourite prompts have been poisonous, tranquil and chicken - they each have deeper meanings to them and I'm really happy with how they turned out. For example, instead of drawing a chicken for day 5 I interpreted it as meaning 'fear' or 'chickening out'. I wanted to represent dissociation and anxiety and so I decided to create a self portrait surrounded by fuzzy lines and clouds with a quote along the bottom from a poem I wrote called 'Cotton Wool Clouds'.

Which is your favourite? Are you joining in with #inktober this year?

Until my next post,


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